A Brief Overview of Current Trading Card Games

(DayC) #21

Enjoy @Rod let me know how you find it!


I spoke to the guys at Manaleak and joined their players group. They’ve told me to go up there next week and they’ll give me a free intro deck and run me through the important parts of the game and answer any questions etc.

Not long until I’m a fully fledged neckbeard with unsavoury qualities :sweat_smile:


I was seeing how far I could go when the AI rekt me :joy:

(DayC) #24

Awesome! Always fun to push the boundaries of what your deck can do. If you’re making plays like this though then you’re more than ready to play against real people in Friday Night Magic. It’s just a case of acquiring cards from this point on.

Update us when you’ve visited manaleak and let me know how it goes!

(Gavin Rainey) #25

@Kiel we’re going to the pokemon regionals in sheffield in june its gonna be lit dude.

so good to see so many people playing cards now, all thanks to DayC

(DayC) #26

You’re welcome for the cardboard crack addiction!


Just got back from Manaleak. Everyone down there is super friendly, helpful and willing to answer my stupid newb questions :sweat_smile: I can definitely see myself returning for their events and buying any products from them. I ended up buying the Jace vs Vraska duel decks because a friend is looking to start playing too - The addiction is spreading!


@DayC is Magic Online worth playing? I haven’t played Magic for about 6 or 7 weeks due to starting a new job. Now everything’s settled back down I want to start going to Manaleak’s FNM regularly and want to at least look like I have an idea of what I’m doing :sweat_smile:

Is there also anything I should do or know about before going to FNM?

(DayC) #29

Magic Online is only worth playing if you absolutely cannot play the physical format for whatever reason. It’s an old game released a long time ago with the latest version being about 5 years old if I remember rightly. It uses real money and has a trading market run by bots who keep the cost of cards in check.

Gameplay is essentially a top down 2D version of the game with an integrated “automatic” stack (the order in which cards resolve) which usually needs manual interference anyway. Mouse clicks and menu options are nowhere near as smooth as interacting with a human being using your voice and hand gestures though and games can become quite cumbersome in comparison.

Some things Magic online does very well is its release of online only sets, a lot of which contain cards from sets before its release like the Vintage Masters set containing the original power 9 including Black Lotus. It also promotes some popular draft formats such as cube, one of its most popular being Vintage Cube which gets lots of attention.

As you can tell accessing old sets for a fraction of the paper price is one of those cases in which you absolutely could not play the physical card game.

If you need a fix while at home MTGArena is currently in closed beta and is Wizard’s answer to Hearthstone. I trimmed version of magic but still allowing access to a lot of the complexities that come with the game. I think I have another code left so I’ll send you one so you can try it.

Absolutely get yourself to FNM, reintroduce yourself and just tell them you’ve not had the chance to continue since your last visit. They’ll hopefully guide you through the night again and then the addiction kicks in! :sweat_smile:

Before FNM make sure you have sleeved up your deck. Take a variety of dice with you. Take a playmat if you have one. A pen and pad if you lack dice. Make sure you build and understand your deck before hand, nothing worse than having to learn your opponent’s deck and your own at the same time. If you have a folder to display trades in get your rares in there and take them with you or just scout cards you like the look of while you’re there.

Lots of stuff I mentioned in my post to you back in April so have a re-read further up ^ if you need. Sleeves are the most important thing as they are the barrier between your expensive cardboard and the dorito dust layered tables of the FNM dungeon.

As it’s near enough thursday now it’s unlikely you’ll be able to buy singles but for the next couple of weeks once you’ve seen cards you want to buy then check out Magic Card Market EU.