Battle for Azeroth


FA getting removed? o.0

(Sam Connolly) #22

Aye, it’s a bit useless anyway really

(DayC) #23

@AnDyBloop @ManyReasoN @SamHiggy have all returned to the Lord’s game. Welcome back my brothers.

(Sam Hignett) #24

God dammit this game always does this to me. I’m looking forward to raiding with my fellow memers again :—)

(Dean) #25

Can’t wait for it. I think we have enough to try Mythic raids this time round!

Completing them on the other hand.

Edit: You joining us this time @Rosa_Kaninchen ?

(Liam Dakin) #26

Anyone know when BfA live patch hits (not the game, the fun bit where we get the spell changes) I want to have a play around with classes before i choose what to play

…And then end up on my priest again

(Dean) #27

About 4 weeks before is the current estimate, but nothing official yet. Not a huge deal has changed for most classes from what I’ve read. They all play pretty similar to Legion.

(...) #28

official date is august 14th.

As i said i’m more than happy to fill in where i can, minus it clashing with my own raid/boost schedule.

Anyone just shout me what you guys are missing re mele/hps/range/tank

(DayC) #29

Anyone in the guild who wants flasks or food making make sure to contribute materials to the guild bank.

Herbs can be deposited to the “Pya Ganj Lad” tab, everything else can go in the donations tab.

@Prio will be able to confirm the list of access and current officer list going forward into BFA.

I’ve also filled up the consumables tab with Food, Flasks and Feasts plus some potions for people that don’t have any. Leave the feasts for raiding and let raid leader use them. Keep flasks for raiding too, if anyone needs one for mythics etc and can’t make them let me know and I’ll carve some time out to get you sorted for next weekend.

(Dean) #30

The time of the Scousers is truly here.

(Ben ) #31

I am re subbing just because of this. Yorkshire needs to take over once more! Batten down your stereos!

(Dean) #32

(Matt) #33

He’s taken the bait, everyone can unsub now.

(Sam Hather) #34

Pya Tea Leaves lad

(DayC) #35

Method’s BFA healer rankings, not an explicit ranking really but nice to see an easily consumable breakdown.

(DayC) #36

(Xenoscythe) #37

Weakaura to auto sell artifact power


(Xenoscythe) #38

/console rawMouseEnable 1

incase anyone has spazzy mouse accel like i did.

(Matt) #39

I had this ages ago and it kind of helped when I used it. I had to put in console commands to lower pitch and yaw speed too. Pain in the arse.