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(Peter Woodberry) #1

I had nowhere else to put this so I made a GD thread but this is so tragic its unreal.


Yep Phil’s been VAC banned, how could he be so shit and cheat?

(Webb) #2

LOL no way, have you spoken to him about it?

what a boob

(Gavin Rainey) #3

I watched him play before, next thing you know @yeahWebb he is LEM. I will never understand cheating on this game.

(Webb) #4

Never thought Phil would be part of the problem, what a cock.

(Peter Woodberry) #5

I remember Sith telling me he was LEM and I nearly threw up my chicken curry.

(y) #6

I have no idea who Phil is but damn, all those goodies from his inventory gone forever :confused:
Using hacks is no laughing matter though, got zero respect and tolerance for this kind of shit, if its true

(C**t ) #7

I knew earlier but LMAO.


(Webb) #8

@Sith @Easy @WoodchucK

(Peter Woodberry) #9

VAC doesn’t make mistakes, its been said a million times. Hes just too scared to admit that hes cheated, I got a VAC ban on my account for bunny hop scripting on a surf server because I was bad at surfing and I regret doing it but I would never ever cheat to make myself look good at a game.

(C**t ) #10

Might quit gaming? Haha because hes cheating.

(Gavin Rainey) #11

Lying through the skin of his teeth m8

(Webb) #12

If I got VAC banned for cheating, I wouldn’t go to those lengths to lie about it.

(Peter Woodberry) #13

People do mate, once you’re VAC banned its a done deal and you can’t hide it.

(Paul Corkin) #14

I’d rather be shit and legit, than pretend to be good through cheats. Closets cheaters are the worst.

(Webb) #15

idk why I’m laughing so hard at this, but it’s had me crippled in my chair for the last 20 minutes

(Peter Woodberry) #16

More food for the fire; It was a Friday night late probably about 10PM I’d just got back from work with my Chinese and joined the mumble and booted up CS, Sith arrives like 10 minutes later and his first line is “I don’t believe my eyes” to which I reply “What?”, he paused for like a minute and sent me a screenshot of Phil’s CS profile in which I saw he was LEM and after playing with him 2 days ago and he was MG2 with a mouthful of chicken curry I nearly spat it everywhere in amazement.

We both agreed at the time that he was either boosted or cheated so in the end this isn’t really a surprise.

(C**t ) #17

If he has cheated then hes just an absolute dick, and one of the reasons MM is a pile of shit on CS because some people are too lazy to put the time into getting good, so they try and cheat their way to it, wasteman.

(Gavin Rainey) #18


(Adam) #19

It blows me away how many people cheat in this game, takes all the fun out of playing.

(Matt) #20

I love Valve.

Cheating in games is silly, I never understood the mindset behind it.