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(C**t ) #1650

Not the same Nip of 2012/2013 or the Fnatic of 2014/15, when I say Top Team that’s what i mean, not Top 6-8

(Sam Hather) #1651

NiP are top 1 tho?

(C**t ) #1652

As of recently yes they are now in the HLTV rankings, Ill wait to see if Thoorin puts them top, given his rankings 3 weeks ago had them 4th, so they’re no where near as dominant as top team as say SK pre break or the teams I’ve mentioned previously. The teams I mentioned are arguably the 2 most dominant teams in the history of CS, If I wanted a team that was ranked 1st in the world for a time I would of compared them to Astana Dragons.

(Gavin Rainey) #1653


I think you take Flusha from godsent and take Xizt out, you have a world beater.

Or you go for the holy shit route and put a team of


With THREAT coaching.

(C**t ) #1654

That 5 would be insane on paper and I don’t see many Schniders or JWs so you would hope the social side of the team is fine.

(Gavin Rainey) #1655


I think a team of that calibre would transcend any other reached level.

I think it would put getright on another level too.

On this note, what is everyones french team?


(C**t ) #1656

Id say that’s probably one of the better 5s you could make, if not the best, for nostalgias sake id want Kio over RPK but I’m not to sure how that’d work out.

(Gavin Rainey) #1657

The rape king hasnt quite hit the absolute predator level he had on source, but he is a solid anchor now and with apex, shox and kenny you wouldnt need him to.

I think Kio is a fringe decision, seems to be he doesnt get along with people so well and when he was at lan people didnt like him even in his mix team. I think if you bring him in as a rifler his ceiling is lower than Apex.


(C**t ) #1658

If Kio were to hit his level in 2014 which was arguably far higher than apex has ever hit then that team would be fighting for the title of one of the best teams in GO. Socially though It wouldn’t work in the long run.

(Peter Woodberry) #1659

There seems to be too many bad relationships in the french scene to even make a top top team anymore unless they can put their differences aside.

(Sam Hather) #1660

New headphone sound is weird as fuck

(Gavin Rainey) #1661

(Gavin Rainey) #1662


(Lethal) #1663

Lol, here we go again

(Peter Woodberry) #1664

I mean I’d like to think smooya isn’t cheating but he probably is. Tbh wouldn’t surprise me if half the top end of the UK scene cheated at some point because thats the kind of people they are.

(C**t ) #1665

Mate you cant have a social life, work and be good at CS while living in the UK, that would make you a nerd.

(Matt) #1666

Shut up nerd

(DayC) #1667

Anything that interrupts your quality British binge drinking makes you a nerd and should absolutely be shut down by some quality banter from the lads.

(Gavin Rainey) #1668

The worst bit about the UK scene is when the semi decent source kids come back

Think theyre fucking severe, try to get on a team, argue with new kids, then start fighting with them.

I saw some dude my age (27) talking about going to lan just to do people in man I used to say that shit when I was 15

THEN just when you think it couldnt get any more cringe you get some newfag going “yem8 me and u vs any body”

(Dean) #1669

Me n @Rod will smash you and anyone at 2v5 sawn offs only on Vertigo