CS:GO General Discussion

(Gavin Rainey) #1750

1.5 400

9 inches

(Xenoscythe) #1751

0.63 @ 1600 / 1.25 @ 800 / 2.5 @ 400

I seem to rotate between these which are all theoretically the same so muscle memory stays the same but each feels different thanks to pixel skipping which means i can shake it up if I’m not feeling it.

Rather than just lowering to 400 tho you should find out your mouses native dpi and play at that, it’ll be much more accurate in line with your hand movements. You get so much pixel skipping on loads of mice at 400dpi.

That said if you’re using over the native DPI (which is usually max 1600 on most common mice) your mouse will introduce interpolation which will make things more inaccurate!

Also make sure your windows mouse sens is set at 6/11.

TLDR: Find out your mouse native dpi, play at that for best performance, adjust in game sens to suit new dpi.

(C**t ) #1752

1.8 @ 800 DPI, haven’t played in quite a while though.

(Peter Woodberry) #1753

1.15 @ 800 DPI, been settled on this sens for well over a year now.

(Adam Harwood) #1754

0.87 @ 1000 dpi

(Sam Hather) #1755

So my mouse is 800, therefore I should play at multiples of 800? 400 etc? If so I’ll move my DPI down 50.

(Peter Woodberry) #1756

My Zowie ZA11 uses an Avago 3310 sensor in which every 50 DPI increment is ‘native’, meaning no interpolation or any kind of prediction.

However I do find that 800 feels much more natural over 400 in game and just browsing the desktop.

(Ben ) #1757

1.7 800 Dicks per inch

(Adam Mc Collum) #1758

Sup guys, been a while since i posted here. Been getting back into the game recently and really want to take things to the next level and look for a team to play with. Is the best way to find one just by playing Esea or are there forums where you can find people?

1.9 400dpi since its topical.

(Peter Woodberry) #1759

There aren’t really any forums to get recruited on for CS:GO, the best way would be to create a recruitment ad on ESEA itself and just play.


There’s the link just click post new ad!

(Adam Mc Collum) #1760

Didnt even see that section on Esea. I’ll definitely make an ad and see how it goes. Never played properly in a team though so no idea what role I’d even be good at, usually just play whatever in mm. Thanks for the link

(Sam Hather) #1761

It feels so rewarding to actually be able to play this game sometimes in the bottom of the ESEA leagues lmao


(Black cabbage) #1762

SMAAAAATH :coolcat:

(Xenoscythe) #1763

(Sam Hather) #1764

Gotta love playing against retards

(Sam Connolly) #1765

In a 1v4 and didn’t go for the smoke diffuse? No balls.

(Sam Hather) #1766

Defuse… come on Prio, we’ve been through this before.

(Adam Harwood) #1767

Retaking A on Cache. EZ PZ.

(Sam Connolly) #1768

Nah lad I clearly meant wait for the smoke to dissipate and then kill them all for style points

(Sam Hather) #1769

wtaf are those game sounds