CS:GO General Discussion

(Adam Harwood) #1871

Who needs smokes? Just grab an AWP, point and click.

(Dean) #1872

P90 > W > Mouse1

(Max Schneider) #1873

So… P90 = Pyro

(Gavin Rainey) #1874

(Sam Connolly) #1875

Panoramic view introduced

(Peter Woodberry) #1876

I like the look of it, things need tidying up but its the first release so its expected.

When they switched Dota 2 over to its new client it was just like this, but they cleaned it up over time and now its sick.

(Adam Harwood) #1877

So I played some mm tonight. Fragging well most of the evening. Then I went and took a 2 minute break to get a glass of water. Came back for our last map for the session.

I was absolute trash for the first half on T side Overpass. I went in at half time with a 5-15 K/D.

Then ct side started…

I may of earnt myself some reports boys.

Finished with a 36-20 K/D.


Major schedule released as well as other event information: