DB FighterZ


So, with the release date approaching fast who’s looking to grab this? If so what are you getting it on? I’ll definitely be getting this on PC, going to finally grab a fight pad as well.

(Sherenne) #2

Definitely grabbing it on release day for PC ^^

(Lethal) #3

Going to shag it on PC

(Gavin Rainey) #4

bumming it on pc as my fight stick will work

(Xenoscythe) #5

(kyro) #6

I’ll have it for both PC and PS4

(Gazza) #7

Never really been into fighting games but this does look good might actually give it ago.

(Fatmanp) #8

Tempted to grab it ob PS4 but will wait to see if it does 4k first.

(Sherenne) #9

This is possibly the best place to post this.

Context. Thinking back on past LANs and Gav’s penchant for screaming. Thus the image of Gav going Super Saiyan, and since I’m currently in a doodly mood, this really crap 10 min biro drawing is the outcome…

Apologies @Easy you’re not as stacked as you like in the drawing, biro is very unforgiving!

2 weeks til DBFZ!


(Gavin Rainey) #10

ahahahahaha nice :smiley:

Still looking for a deal on this, expensive as hell on PC

(Xenoscythe) #11

Yeah the pricing on this game is utterly ridiculous

(Sherenne) #12

I’m fine with £45 for the base game, that’s the same as Tekken.
An extra £30 for the ‘pass’ to access shit that’s already in the game and shouldn’t be behind a pay wall? Fuck that.

(Fatmanp) #13

Seems the game will have Denuvo


Cracked within a day then, though to be fair apparently they’ve changed some shit.

(Sam Hather) #15

Is this a joke or has Denuvo gone down hill? It took the months to crack assassins creed

(Fatmanp) #16

I think the latest version of Denuvo is still uncracked.


Went majorly down hill mate, shit being cracked like 24-48hours later. I thought I read something about an update in the works a little while back so @PhatMayneP will probably be right.

(Fatmanp) #18

You are correct but the most recent wave of Denuvo games are still intact. Obviously that will change but it seems they got over the 24 cracks that were rife earlier in the year.

(Adam) #19

Remove Super Dash pls

(Sam Hather) #20

Down and B mate, conquers all