I62 Post Review

(Sam Connolly) #1

Another great LAN, I think this was one of my favourites, felt myself get much more involved with the community this time and really did enjoy it.

The scousers were out in full patrol this LAN. We robbed dozens of socks, said no words other than ‘chicken’ and had a proper laugh. Good to see so many of us takiong over, and a great surprise to see so many people from my uni turn up.

Golf with Dad’s was a hoot as always. @Lex cheers for sending me and @Veasu into hysterics and making me spit water all over myself from laughing at your southern Keemstar impression.

@Smidsy @Xenoscythe @Easy @ShipWr3ck @Noodle @Gazza @ManyReasoN @DayC @Bagelzend The 5v5 CS games we had were super fun. Extra fun when I toggled the ‘no head’ model.

Really good to meet Hyams in the flesh, the nords and the old, and to see all the rest of you again. The expo may have been complete shit this year, but our community more than made up for it in memery.

Also a big shoutout to @ShipWr3ck @AnDyBloop and @Lethal for smashing the HS tourney. I’ve no idea what’s going on in that game, but it seemed like you all did really well.

Bonus link of the best advert me and DayC have ever seen. See 0:29 for vigorous vibration.

Cheers everyone! This is my last LAN at least until next year, and possibly for longer. Thank you to every single person (including those not mentioned) for making it a memorable one.

(Sherenne) #2

I’m gonna jump in on this, this was a really great LAN for the stuff we did, though I’ll agree wholeheartedly that the expo was shit.

It was awesome to see just how many of us turned out in force, although I ran round our tables far too much! I really enjoyed getting to know everyone a hell of a lot more, and laughing far too hard at the drunken shenanigans! @Rosa_Kaninchen remember, that stuff isn’t Gin and Tonic, and that you’re gonna need a Toast Master! And thank you to @Cabbage for being my favourite person to photograph when they’re drunk!

Shout out to @ShipWr3ck or organising the most entertaining Hearthstone Arena run with @AnDyBloop @DayC and @Bagelzend . I was on the edge of my seat for most of it, and hey, you guys went positive!

A reluctant thanks to @smather for talking about Final Fantasy XV, I’ve now bought the bloody thing and it’s far too addictive! I’m going lose many an hour in this game.

I didn’t get as many pics this time around, unfortunately the lighting was rather atrocious and I didn’t fancy disturbing people by using flash. But here’s what I did manage to take, plus some Captain Abraham:

Also cheers to everyone for not questioning when I snuck around capturing photos!

Overall just thank you to everyone, for the chats, the laughs and the memories, you guys make LAN what it is! Not sure if I’ll be attending Summer as of yet, but I’ll see you all again soon enough :slight_smile:

(Sam Hather) #3

Good LAN as always, probably my last however.

Hopefully see you all in some other walks of life though!

(Lethal) #4

It’s going to be my last LAN as well, see you guys in 2030.

(DayC) #5

It’s going to be my last LAN as well, see you guys next LAN when I inevitably turn up anyway.

(Dean) #6

Seemed to be a common mention. We need to do SSRCG on tour instead.


Awesome LAN as always, I pretty much echo what others have said. It’ll be my last one for a while, or my last iSeries for a while anyway (unless Quake). Value for money seems to be ever degrading and I think the majority of us just use it as a social anyway, myself included. Even though I had little money to buy anything this LAN, the lack of Overclockers/Scan really fucked me off.

I am seriously considering other events though if anyone else is up for going. Unsure whether that would be epic or anything outside of the UK to be fair, I’d even consider us all pooling together and hiring a hall for 4 days instead, that may even work out cheaper if we get 30-40 of us.

(Sam Connolly) #8

Remember if you want to hire a hall you still need Network switches / internet connection which may not prove as easy to set up as you might think

(Dean) #9

You’d be shocked at how much stuff @Zigenzag has stored away. He could power Google.

(Gavin Rainey) #10

I have access to stuff that would be way overspec for something like this

(Black cabbage) #11

Jesus. Its coming back to me :joy:

(Sam Hather) #12

Let’s all go fucking prague, it’ll be cheaper!

(Matt) #13