League of legends discussion / play now thread

(Gavin Rainey) #862

I watched some, never seemed appealing to me.

Fighting games and FPS are my bread and butter

(Scott) #863

vayne, why have u abandoned me

(Xenoscythe) #864

Jinx is love, Jinx is life.

(Nick) #865

u suck

(Adam Mc Collum) #866

Has Jinx been buffed or has her main counters been nerfed recently? She has the highest ADC win rate atm according to champion.gg

(Sam Hather) #867

Her mechanics are just the best IMO.

Has a snare, a slow, an execute, long range splash, short range attack speed buff. Has fucking everything. Even an escape / chase in her passive. The combo of her splash damage and her passive means getting multikills so easy. I have an avg of a triple kill every 2 games on her with two doubles every game haha

(Gazza) #868

hopefully skt win this game to get a game 5 blind pick HYPE

(Xenoscythe) #869

this game is insane

(Gazza) #870

such a close game man jesus

edit – blind pick time. Marins play mid lane basically saved the game for skt so clutch

(Xenoscythe) #871

That and bang playing the game of his life! What a game. Best one i’ve watched in years.

(Gazza) #872

wish the other regions did blind pick game 5. Just no bans you get to pick your perfect comp and see who is the better team.

Faker on Leblanc now then?

(Gazza) #873

well this games not going to last as long as the last one

(Xenoscythe) #874

Yeah that was a bit of a change haha. Fakers leblanc tho…

(Gazza) #875

12-0 unbeaten as leblanc

(Gazza) #876

Chinese final tomorrow morning but its at 7am rip.


If SKT beat GE Tigers next week MSI is looking stacked cant wait for it.

(Danielle) #877

I don’t mind being carried out of bronze :stuck_out_tongue:

(Gazza) #878

deft just did this to imps team to win game 5 and win the lpl

(Scott) #879

i’ve been diamond since season 3 and done these promos 4 times now but still feels good everytiem

(Adam Mc Collum) #880

Achieved a full win match history page. Might as well uninstall now.

(Gazza) #881

Unbanned woooo

Banned again after my 2nd game.