League of legends discussion / play now thread

(Gazza) #882

much hype


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(Gazza) #884

Good thorin article about the tournament


(Gazza) #885


Rip NA


SKT have been playing an entire split in the LCK using subs while no other league did that and somehow all of a sudden it’s a thing at MSI

(actually don’t know if LPL and LMS use subs or not, assume not)

(Gazza) #887

LPL do

also Easyhoon will be getting offers from some billionaire to come play in china guys going to be rich

(Rob Thomas) #888


Why wasn’t Faker playing in the first game vs EDG?

(Gazza) #889

Easyhoon is a better azir than faker and suits control mages compared to faker so I guess that’s why they did it. Meta suits Easyhoon.

They let easyhoon start against GE Tigers in the final in Korea and won 3-0. But since in this series they need to win the next two games, there is no one better to sub in than faker to clutch. SKT are so good at coming back in best of 5s.

(Peter Woodberry) #890

I love the idea of being able to sub players mid series, gives an extra level of depth to tactics.

(Gazza) #891

Pawn has now knocked Faker out of multiple tournaments and now is the only mid laner in the world to beat Fakers Leblanc.

(Sam Hather) #892

I can finally quit league

(Xenoscythe) #893

Bye link :frowning:


finally did my placement matches (7-3)

(DayC) #895

Only Silver 3 off 7-3? What were you last season? Congrats though, not bronze woohoo!


I know right… RITO PLS :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: . Last season I was Silver 4 with about a total of 50 matches played(if I remember correctly). Only played support throughout all of the games as well and I figure I won’t even try to get any other roles unless I’m forced in champ select. I remember last season I was trying to get AD a lot.

(Anthony) #897

On a new smurf can’t be bothered with ranked and chat restrictions.

Please add me on DuncanStarc

Looking to play regular 5s if anyone is interested.


max R>Q>E>W on the new Karma(support)? also what about solo lane Karma, same? And is coin/talisman worth picking up now? On paper seems quite it would be quite good. So many choices :joy:

(Sam Hather) #899

Ardent on karma, surely?

(Gazza) #900

id still take the blue one with the poke you can do with her.

(Gazza) #901

cool pics