League of legends discussion / play now thread

(Gazza) #902

monte firing shots

I dont think riot will change the format of LCS tho but I hope they do


You watch that twat Thorin? Honestly now? Dude does nothing but chat mad shit, total idiot.

(Matt) #904

People don’t like him cos he’s an autist that drops truth bombs.

(Sam Hather) #905

Yeah people hate him for his personality, but he is very good at what he does.

(Dean) #906

He knows more about eSports than every other analyst going. He just has asperges so doesn’t have any idea how to put it across in a socially acceptable way.

(Peter Woodberry) #907

He has valid points and knows a lot about eSports but hes just a cunt and that’s why hes either loved or hated.

Still waiting for the day RLewis punches him in the face on stream.

(Xenoscythe) #908

I dont mind his analysis or his criticisms as he’s often spot on, i just hate the full on cringe banter that makes every stream seem hugely unprofessional and makes it likely to never hit the bigtime on tv :stuck_out_tongue:

(Gavin Rainey) #909

Richard Lewis kisses the floor Thorin crosses dude

(Gazza) #910

richard lewis seems to spend most of his time being salty over reddit and riot due to his ban. Thoorin spends most of his time creaming over koreans and making fun of tsm fanboys.

But thooorin does good content so really just avoid their twitters and you will be fine :smile:

(Gavin Rainey) #911


RLewis has been at CS events a lot recently, as has Thorin. Thorins work is mostly CS:GO now as it is his bread and butter.

RLewis even got asked to host Call of Duty by a company he did not mention, most likely GFinity I’d say.

(Gazza) #912

i was going on about the LoL side of the things they do

(Sam Hather) #913

Yeah the league community love Thorin cos he’s an austist like them

(Adam) #914

@Frosty 0:53 I fuckin lost it

(Gazza) #915

Confirmed Silver and Gold worse than bronze gg

(Matt) #916

Fuck off Gaz

(Rob Thomas) #917

Don’t fucking talk to @Gazza like that, Matt.

It’s not nice.

(Matt) #918

You can’t just insult a mans livelihood like that even if you are Legend status.

(Nick) #919

Not going to lie, it is absolutely horrible to try and get out of gold. I’ve given up. Fuck em all. It’s like bronze = gold now and I cannot carry for the life of me (not good enough for that, Im a team player)

(Sam Hather) #920

Gold having the most players makes complete sense to me… Gold would essentially be the average of league players right? Like if ur in gold ur average. I’m average and my dick is tiny. Life goes on dw about it fellas

(James) #921

@Gazza if you wanna be boosted just let me know :stuck_out_tongue: