League of legends discussion / play now thread

(Gazza) #922

wat do i do for 14 days?

(Xenoscythe) #923

(Gazza) #924

rip skts win streak and unbeaten run in Champions :frowning:

(Nick) #925


(Gazza) #926

Worlds hype building

(Nick) #927

Ditched Lux to main LeBlanc in ranked. I feel awful but ya gotta get dirty to rank up. Still play Lux though, I’ve been winning all games when I’m mid, except for one where our Lucian decided to play solo after I got fed and fed him

0-3SM ez stay ez

(Gazza) #928

i put a youtube vid in my post but it not showing up :frowning:

(James) #930

Finally! now to lose the next 3 and get demoted

(Sam Connolly) #931

Started the day in Silver I on about 25 lp, got demoted after losing 2 games due to trolls in both, back on the climb and in promos to Silver I again, I will reach Gold one day.

(James) #932

That sucks… got a smurf if you want some help getting outa silver!

(Sam Connolly) #933

Thanks a lot mate I really appreciate the offer, for the time being though I really want to get there without being carried too much :stuck_out_tongue:

(Gavin Rainey) #934

Jamie would probably end up doing worse than you

he closes his eyes to breathe

(Anthony) #935

Played some league last night for the first time in a couple months. Loving the new UI however was still bored playing.

(Dean) #936

Play Heroes ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

(Anthony) #937

I would like to but haven’t got the time to invest into learning a new game.

(Dean) #938

If you don’t have much time then it’s well worth a look. Games last around 20-30 minutes instead of 45-60 and mechanically it’s easy if you can play LoL. If you decide to take a look let me know and I’ll jump in some games with ya.

(Sam Hather) #939

There’s nothing to learn in heroes really. It’s exactly like league.
By that I mean it’s just clicking and luck

(Nick) #940

Honestly I’m not even sure how I managed to carry this http://matchhistory.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/EUW1/2267221708/29000983?tab=overview

(-.---.) #941

Oh boy, got back to Diamond III at lan, demotion here I come :^(

(Anthony) #942

That AP Kog. Need to teach him how to play it.