League of legends discussion / play now thread


you don’t touch league for 2 months and all of a sudden you see shit like scarner and gp perma banned. jebus.

(-.---.) #944

Yeah… I’m even more scared about Morde atm but 99% those picks are permabanned usually. All in all, I don’t mind too much since i keep climbing.

(Xenoscythe) #945

Skarner…gangplank and morde are scary?..Maybe we need to start playing this again @Noodle

(Nick) #946

I’m seeing a Hybrid on EU LCS spring promos. Isn’t that the Hybrid that played Halo?

(Adam Mc Collum) #947

Yup, same guy. Almost qualified last split with LLL as well.

(Gazza) #948

skarner is op jungle, gangplank is strong but hard to play good with his barrels though. Morde bot op

(Nick) #949

He made it now

(Peter Woodberry) #950

Tbh hes played like 10+ hours a day since he started. The guy has mad grinding skills.

(DayC) #951

What the fuck does he do for money?!

(Sam Hather) #952

Mum and dad

(Dean) #953

He is literally point and click. I can’t think of an easier hero, hence why @Smidsy played him.

(Sam Hather) #954

They re-worked him m8

He has barrels you have to shoot and shit now

(Gazza) #955

Think I found the hidden op top lane champ. Well not hidden since its been talked about. But I fed riven early and was behind but once u get a few tank items. So much dmg and they cant kill you :slight_smile:

(Nick) #956

Yeah I bet you feel good beating beginner bots

(Gazza) #957

u fuckin wat m8 that was hardcore normal m8

(Gavin Rainey) #958

@Gazza does it on LAN though Nick

Where are you?

(Dean) #959

With @Nyu dodging to go to Weeaboocon.

(Gazza) #960

(Gazza) #961


lol faker worlds hype strong on reddit at moment


Faker Faker Playmaker. Can’t wait for Worlds to start.