League of legends discussion / play now thread

(Dean) #983

Doesn’t this happen in every season?

(Matt) #984

As far as I’m aware they’ve smashed people this season. Yesterday 55% of EUW players that had been placed were in bronze with 34% being silver on top of that. More akin to the ranking changes in CS atm.

(Dean) #985

If everyone was dropped a rank, aren’t half of the player base in Bronze / Silver with only 10% being in gold? If so then 89% of people in Bronze and Silver seems correct. I don’t remember if it was 10% are Gold or 10% are Platinum before, I just know one of them was top 10%.

(Matt) #986

Oh yeh no doubt it’s a good thing, wasn’t disagreeing with that.

(-.---.) #987

Completely bombed my placements and got Plat 2 somehow… Can’t complain

(-.---.) #988

Hopefully I’ll get back into Diamond 3 at LAN again if I’m not back in by then.

If anyone has any questions at all about league stuff or climbing I’d love to answer them.

(DayC) #989

Can confirm Ste has lots of experience teaching me how to not lose.

(-.---.) #990

You just win the game bro.

Just outplay them and win. It’s simple.

(Sam Hather) #991

It’s just clicking and luck really

(Gazza) #992

you dont out play anyone u just let the other team outplay themselves and just win open the fuckin gates gg

(Matt) #993

I attended the school of at @Gazza and am now in promos.

(DayC) #994

The greatest motivational quote of our generation.

“Just fuck 'em lad” - Sync, 2015

(-.---.) #995

As the age-old chinese proverb goes, “If you want to win anything in life, just fuck them”

(-.---.) #996

The ELO gods will do everything in their power to keep me there

(Gavin Rainey) #997

Enough of this League of Legends shit dude come and play CS

(Sam Connolly) #998

Yeah Ste, come carry me! :smiley:

(DayC) #999

@Sync just needs to realise LoL is an inferior game. He is misguided :wink:

(-.---.) #1000

I’ll play CS properly lads when I hit master tier… one day… maybe

(Scott) #1001

Anyone got a silver account I can borrow for a few games?

(Sam Hather) #1002

can use mine if you want? unplaced atm, was in gold 5 last season so probably silver mmr cos haven’t played in so long