League of legends discussion / play now thread

(-.---.) #1003

The scouse lot have made an SSRCG club using the new feature added in this patch.

Feel free to post your IGNs for anyone else who’s active in league here.

(Scott) #1004

scouse lot?

(DayC) #1005

Damn right

(Scott) #1006

who’s that

(DayC) #1007

Me, @Sync, @Prio, @AnDyBloop, @SamHiggy, @Scy, @Veasu, @Atlas and a lad called Jamal who regularly attend.

(Peter Woodberry) #1008


I play from time to never but I want in anyway :wink:

(James) #1009


Not played much lately but will be grinding my diamond rank back sooooooon

(...) #1010

Shut up you muggle

(James) #1011

Aww missing me already?

(Gazza) #1012


Grinding to get challenjour back

(Scott) #1013

anyone there from the old halo 2 days?

(DayC) #1014

Just me mate, not heard from Beattie or Vampsy since those days. Deko’s not in the scene anymore and Ian’s in the states.

(Scott) #1015

Well, Beattie is my brother and he’s doing alright. He never got into PC games, I think he just plays Halo 5 casually a bit

(DayC) #1016

I know and that’s good to hear, tell him to stop being such a casual!

(Gazza) #1017

(Gazza) #1018

(Xenoscythe) #1019

Um, did anyone see the clg skt1 game that could tell me wtf just happened?

(Gazza) #1020

think faker got trapped by azirs ult :frowning:

(Gazza) #1021


(Sam Hather) #1022

hm, Twitch with no adverts or ESPN with ads. Tough choice