League of legends discussion / play now thread

(Gazza) #1023

(Anthony) #1024

Played my first game since August last night. Was fun but sad to see the average player is still awful and toxic.

(Peter Woodberry) #1025

Not sure why you’re so surprised, the “average” player is always gonna be bad by our standards.

(Anthony) #1026

Well true that. But I thought I’m average, and the game has been out so long now I thought people would’ve finally figured out how to last hit and ward :joy:

Played another game tonight on my other smurf, was good fun carrying.

Do many people here still play?

(Scott) #1027

i dooooooooooo

(Gazza) #1028

still play still shit

(Check my profile for game IDs) #1029

Yeah I still play, not very often because I have an 8 month old, but I get the occasional few games. I’m still a Bronze scrub though.

Only play ranked now though and the occational ARAM, think I have around a 55-60% win ration this season, which is better than any other previous season. I think I’m one of the few people that dynamic queue has actually benefited (i.e I get one of the two roles I want rather than being sub-par in the others) but I just don’t have time to grind out of Bronze.

EDIT: but people are still toxic as ever, still troll if they don’t get the lane or champ they want, or they die once in lane…

(Anthony) #1030

Add me please


(Scott) #1031

u forgot the numbers

(Anthony) #1032

What numbers? Are usernames not unique anymore?

(Scott) #1033

nvm i’m retarded thought this was overwatch thread


…the things I would do to have a couple of guys to play this with. Can’t stand playing with randoms, not only are the bad, but they also toxic xD. Fuck.

(Gazza) #1035

world grps

(Anthony) #1036

GG WP last night.

(Gazza) #1037

(Gazza) #1038

anyone here watchin games tonight?


yeah I’m watching, loving it so far

anyone looking to play some game as a group this weekend?

(Anthony) #1040

I’ll be playing a few games over Saturday and Sunday. Mostly play mid and support but I can fill if needed.

(Max Grkinic) #1041

Im down to play with people anytime, Silver2 i think but finished last 2 seasons in gold so around that skill level, Main Mid but can fill anything.


(Gazza) #1042