League of legends discussion / play now thread

(Sam Hather) #1043

I fucking hate this game but a wildcard to get 1st seed at worlds is fucking brilliant. And I remember when people were calling for wildcard to be scrapped as its “pointless and boring” lmao

(Anthony) #1044

@Gazza good games last night :sunglasses:

(Max Grkinic) #1045

Got myself back into gold, can rest easy now :slight_smile:

(Gazza) #1046

for skt vs rox hype in 2 days

(Xenoscythe) #1047

Yellowstar just retired :frowning: :cry:

(Sam Hather) #1048

Init :frowning: I remember watching him on warcraft 3, then when I got into league it was just when he’d won worlds. He’s been shit apparently though so I guess it makes sense. Still :frowning:

(Gazza) #1049

he wasnt on fnatic in season 1

(Sam Hather) #1050

Oh shit I never knew that lmao, I knew he was in the season 1 final and just always assumed he was part of Fnatic then. Was he still on Against All Authority then?

(-.---.) #1051

ye he was on aAa with sOAZ back then IIRC

(Max Grkinic) #1052

He’s just become head of PSG Esports. Not a bad job to land in after retirement lol.

(Gazza) #1053

(Xenoscythe) #1054

Fuckin hell, I havent watched or played LoL in years but that proper gives me the tingles.

(Gavin Rainey) #1055

I only know about LoL from you lot and thorin, but I must say Faker is a badman.

(Gazza) #1056

deft and pawn both left edg… i hope they go back to korea too many good players wasting away in china. I hope a god squad forms in korea.

also EDG has rumoured to offer $4m to faker


Game 3 was intense, other then that, I guess it’s good that we finally got a full series in the finals. I don’t fully remember it, but I think the ROX vs SKT semi was a better series overall. Watching it I remember thinking just how insanely stellar the gameplay was. League of Wards.

(Gazza) #1058

game 5 was great tho until ruler decided to use ghostblade randomly towards faker and co.

(Anthony) #1059

The finals were great. It’s all I watched of the whole tournament except for some highlight shows to keep up with results.

(Gazza) #1060

good insight with how pro team liquid worked and a lot of juicy drama too

(Max Grkinic) #1061

Anybody played any pre-season yet? Im 1-0 in placements. really like the look of the new reworks and changes they’ve added.

(Matt) #1062

@ogre has finished his.

@SupaShock @Adzi @kyro