League of legends discussion / play now thread

(Gazza) #1083

team liquid wanting that 4th

but tbh i cant get into NA lcs anymore its too shit i just end up hoping TSM lose so tsm legends will be good

(Gazza) #1084

(Gazza) #1085

faker won again


fuck I can’t even shit post a TSM chant :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


the franchise has done it again

(Anthony) #1087

World finals were epic. Was nice to see SKT get beaten. Faker looked destroyed afterwards.

(-.---.) #1088

aye there wasn’t really a better time for another team to win it since SKT have been struggling the past 5/6 months. gg samsung

(-.---.) #1089

Preseasons almost here now, if anyone still isn’t in the SSRCG clan on the client just leave your IGNs and I’ll add them ASAP.

(Anthony) #1090

If it’s not too late - An7

(Gazza) #1091

This game seems fresh and actually fun to play now with the new runes

(-.---.) #1092

season 8 just start, gl league bois

(-.---.) #1093

Just a reminder that there’s an SSRCG clan on League, post your IGNs so we can add you.

(Anthony) #1094

Invite me to a game sometime, I only play solo these days and it’s getting boring.

(Dean) #1095

I’ll jump on for a game provided you don’t mind a terrible Skarner

(Ben ) #1096

Im down to fad as well. Played a few games other week. Took me ages to get my head around the new UI

(Peter Woodberry) #1097

Played this a little bit recently and its somehow worse than it used to be, people literally go afk when they lose an all in 1v1 in lane…