New Clothing

(Gavin Rainey) #1

Going forward, we will no longer use Gamers Apparel as our clothing provider. As you know they were successful in gearing us up for LANs, we looked the part but not without issue.

The challenges we had were:

quality of product (particularly hoodies)
time of deliveries
poor communication

To alleviate these issues I did some exploring and have found a new provider, a new process.

@Rosa_Kaninchen aka Jade will be the point of contact for all orders.
All orders will be done in bulk, minimum of 5 for the time being. In the future orders will be available in 1’s, without names on the back (so like supporter jerseys for TeqR esports). We will develop a store front for this.

Our provider guarantee absolute maximum 2 weeks turnaround for products.

The provider we will be using is Take a moment to soak in the fact that we will be wearing industry standard professional sports clothing made in the UK, with a quick lead time and unreal quality and detail.

I spent some time on site with one of the directores of Akuma Clothing, I saw production, examples, met our account manager, met the design team and showed them our product. I was not let down in any way at all.

I went to their design team with a light brief on both the TeqR esports and SSRCG jersey and would like feedback on both. I believe the TeqR esports jersey is one of the best esports jerseys in the world, without a doubt.

The SSRCG jersey follows the theme we have of a scene. Their designers have come through with something i didnt expect, and personally I think the design is cool. The space in the sand allows room for our partners which will be added shortly.

See here:

Version 3

TeqR esports

Sizing will be updated here shortly.

I am currently waiting on an order form to do a trial order of the TeqR jerseys to get some actually on a person images for you.

Your feedback is important, it isnt an issue for us to go into a completely new direction for both shirts so get talking.


We will be going on Semi fitted shirts based on the recommendation of Akuma. Standard round collar.



(DayC) #2

These are spectacular @Easy especially the Teqr jerseys! As for feedback i’d like to request that we keep any BMT logos off it if you were planning to do them, just because i’m unsure of what I want to do with that site as of yet as i’m struggling to find time to update and i’m far more focused on playing right now to try and represent this brand to the fullest at i58 and beyond.

The SSRCG shirt is quite clearly a lot more professional in its design. My feedback would be the content of the design, unsure how it represents the brand and what the meaning behind it is. I know that sounds a bit silly because we’re a reasonably small organisation but i’m struggling to relate to the camels compared to Matt and the blocks. Maybe it’s the logo and that needs bringing up to the standard of the Teqr logo but something doesn’t quite sit with with me and it feels like there’s a mismatch there.

The Teqr shirt is phenomenal, the branding is sterling both visually and textually. The large fox imprint is very impactful and stands out straight away. I can’t fault it at all to be honest and i’ll be sticking an order in either May or June with Jade.

(Gavin Rainey) #3

(Gavin Rainey) #4

The SSRCG logo and design as you know, came when Matt was still with us. The idea was they looked like game levels, because we are gamers.

This shirt lines in with this, from SMB3

Without directly referencing it.

The logo in the sky is highlighted to stick out.

I have an idea to theme a shirt for next winter to be in snowy mountains like this from Sonic:

This also gives us the potential for everyone to design shirts and share.


(DayC) #5

Ah I see that makes sense now, SMB3 is a game I actually played a lot of too so I should have noticed that! It has been a while though :wink: Love it mate and the winter stuff is a great idea, different settings give you the opportunity for different colours and themes. Well onboard.

(JadEasY) #6

Yeah im not sure about the SSRCG one. I feel like the design doesn’t match the logo correctly. The current ones seem better/ closer to what seems good. The style of the scene doesnt seem gaming related if you know what i mean. I LOVE the Teqr esports tee though! Where will the names be? I WANT ONE NAAW!!

(Gavin Rainey) #7

Okay I am getting feedback from external sources, that the design isnt in line, as you say Day. so I put it out to everyone now, what do with now? I think maybe like this:

With more stars and perhaps a fox on the planet/land

(Matt) #8

Starting your modelling career?

Agree with people about the SSRCG ones though I don’t have any bright ideas on different designs.

Teqr jerseys look sick.

(Gavin Rainey) #9

I modelled for Dunnes stores in the early 90’s dude chek yourself before u rekt urself

(Sam Hather) #10

How about a rainbow Road heading to the stars with the logo at the top of the road?

(Gavin Rainey) #11

draw something in paint

dont infringe copyright

(Gavin Rainey) #12


I am completely onboard with this idea.

I really, really like it.

I have asked for a designer to work with this Sam

Amazing dude, AMAZING

(DayC) #13

Sounds like a good idea, like you said just got to be careful not to get into any copyright battles.

I always liked the idea of the twisting nether from WoW which showcased a space like theme but you’d walk around and see hunks of land and objects just suspended in mid air. Those objects could be subtle hints to games that we play, a broken up Dust 2 A plant (CS), an object like a coin or weapon (HS) etc etc

It could certainly affect copyright though and games change it isn’t exactly timeless. I do like the rainbow road idea a lot though i’d like to see how that plays out.

(Sam Hather) #14

I’m not in marketing and that for no reason pal :wink:

I do really like the idea and it is very easy to avoid any copyright issues I feel. As roads made of rainbow won’t be copyrighted.

(Ben ) #15

I love that idea day! little floating islands on a star background with each one themed to the main games the community plays.

That teqr one is sick as well!

(DayC) #16

Yeah that kind of idea @smidsy I’m obviously no designer and it’s a piece that requires a little bit of attention to get right but it’s an idea and would certainly represent what the community does whilst keeping that starry background :slight_smile:

(Sam Hather) #17

love @DayC’s idea as well! Class call.

Also forgot to mention… absolutely fucking love the Teqr one!


That TeqR shirt looks absolutely sick!

(JadEasY) #19

Some very exciting updates to come :smiley:

(Gavin Rainey) #20

See op for version 2

The designer is taking in our feedback lets get the best shirt we can!