Resuming Raiding: Legion

(Sam Connolly) #1

Hi all,

So after we finished Ulduar tonight, I’m sure some of us were eager to get back into raiding. I’ve already spoke to some of you, and I know some were happy to get back involved. But I’d like to get a firm grasp of how many people are interested in raiding as a guild again. It would be handy for me to get get more comfortable with raiding, setting up events / leading / learning tactics. I think for now, we’ll start on one night a week, if there’s enough interest we may raise it to two nights a week.

So if you’re interested in getting involved with raiding, can you please list the following:

  1. In game name
  2. Nights available
  3. Preferred start time
  4. Main spec and role
  5. Off spec and role

(Sam Hignett) #2

I definitely would be up for trying a little bit of raiding, but as the current raid is obviously the top of the expansion in terms of difficulty and given that most, if not all of us, have only just got back into WoW after a healthy absence, I’d say we temper our expectations. And if we get utterly stomped, maybe chill on the raiding until the new expansion comes out and see from there in terms of number people we have.

That being said, sign me up:

  1. SamHiggy
  2. Most Fridays/Saturdays
  3. Early evening starts (7-8pm)
  4. Resto Shammy, Healing (obviously)
  5. Really shitty, unoptimized enhancement for DPS.

I’ve also just boosted a Pala, which I might use as secondary healer and also maybe learn to tank with in the future in case we need to fill a role, but I don’t know if I’d have enough time to properly level/gear for both the Shammy and Pala for different roles

(...) #3

1 - rc540#2793
2. TBD
3. Any time after 6:00pm GMT
4. Urm…
5. Urm…

(Jenny Carlsson) #4

would love to raid again!

  1. Loweina or Ruwina
  2. if i know time and day i can plan around it for any day.
  3. anytime after 19.00 CET is fine, on weekdays when i work bed time is 23.00 CET.
  4. Destro lock or guardian Druid
  5. Druid has Resto offspecc and Lock has affliction

(Dean) #5

I’m down to clear everything we have missed so far.

  1. Pandï / Eldoon
  2. Anyday
  3. Anytime from 7pm UK time
  4. Windwalker Monk
  5. Brewmaster Monk / Mistweaver Monk (Although no-one wants this)

(DayC) #6
  1. Uxea.
  2. Friday / Saturday nights can likely fill in on a week night should any dps slots need filling.
  3. 7pm - 10pm.
  4. Frost Mage - DPS.
  5. N/A.

Currently gearing a DK tank and a disc priest to cover a few more roles. When they’re ready and I have more experience I’ll let you know but I can contribute most on my Mage.

(Matt) #7
  1. EdgelordFrst/Eritfrst
  2. Any
  3. Any
  4. Frost DK/Disc Priest
  5. Blood DK/Shadow Priest

(Sam Hather) #8

I think we should do even the stuff we have already done again personally, to help get back in the swing of things.

So EN and Trials of Valour - they should be a lot easier now too but still worth doing, especially for some of the newer people and quite a lot of the EN mechanics will help me learn how my tanking partner plays.

But for me;

  1. Yerdadzshag

  2. Any

  3. 19:30 Brexit time on weekdays, anytime weekends.

  4. Will only DH Tank and nothing else really

(Liam Dakin) #9

1: Tutoeth
2: Any, but I can get pulled into work whenever
3: Any
4: Disc/Holy healer
5: TBD, may reroll xD

(Check my profile for game IDs) #10

I’ll put my name down as a tentative yes. I’d love to start raiding, but I’ll need to clear it with ‘the boss’ as we have 2 small kids whose bed time is around the times people are suggesting.

  1. Magidad
  2. Wednesday/Friday
  3. probably around 7-7:30 onwards
  4. Frost Mage DPS
  5. Boosted a Feral Druid with my free 110 boost, need to decide if I want to try out tanking/healing but it likely wont be anytime soon.

(Xenoscythe) #11
  1. Xenosomethingwithsillycharacters (theyre all in the guild)
  2. Any after 7, just as long as we have fair notice
  3. 8pm
  4. Paladin/Druid/Monk - Tank or DPS
  5. Got all chars at 110, can play whatever we need.

(Sam Hather) #12

omg if prio doesn’t fancy tanking we should totally be buddies

(Matt) #13

That changed pretty rapid

(Xenoscythe) #14

Haha, yeah I put all the hybrids in a hat and pulled out PLAY EVERYTHING. CBA with queues for shit.

@smather yes my dude, I’m happy to DPS also if Prio wants to tank. Rets like a constant game of whack a mole, its great fun.

(Xenoscythe) #15

@Prio How are we lookin.

(Sam Connolly) #16

We looking like we have the numbers, or at least close enough, may need to recruit a person depending on how consistent people are at committing to raiding. But we looking good to go for the time being.

There’s an Emerald Nightmare HC this Friday, would like to encourage anyone who’s interested in raiding who maybe hasn’t done much raiding before to get involved now. It’s much harder to learn through progression when you’ve got no raiding experience whatsoever

(Matt) #17

I haven’t said I’ll attend but I’ll be there. Working that night though so hopefully I don’t get a call.

(Dean) #18

Brad is coming but not signed yet, as is Oli.

(Sam Connolly) #19

Think we have enough we can flex it instead of 10m. We should stomp this anyway if people have been gearing in Argos

(Dean) #20

Normal and Heroic are flex anyway, so just invite everyone who is online.