Resuming Raiding: Legion

(Matt) #21

Need another tank tonight, smather not coming.

(Sam Connolly) #22

Will pug one tonight if needs be :slight_smile:

(Xenoscythe) #23

I’ll tank, be reyt.

(Sam Hather) #24

Not gonna sign up for another one until August either, the idea of playing WoW is making me want to kill myself at the minute so I think if I start now i’ll quit before expac

(Sam Connolly) #25

Thanks for filling :slight_smile:

(Sam Connolly) #26

No worries, we’ll make do :slight_smile:

(Sam Connolly) #27

So quick update, I think today it really came to light that we are completely capable of end game content, given we did 3 raids in a single night when we set out to do 1.

So few tips / things we’ll change now.

  1. Raids from now on are starting at 8pm BST, 9pm realm time, they’ll last until 10pm BST, 11pm realm time.
  2. People are to be on 15 minutes before the raid starts. If you’re struggling one night, drop me a text or fb message or stick it in whatsapp, just tell us and we can deal with that as and when, and have people waiting at summon stone ready.
  3. @smather pains me to do it mate but we ain’t gonna be able to wait about until BFA without a tank, @Xenoscythe is going to take over as a more permanent tank. If you’re set on tank and are committed then I’m happy to move over to DPS, but we do need consistent and committed tanks.
  4. People need to start listening during tac rundowns. @Ross was really good at giving breakdowns tonight, which was a bit of a life saver as I wasn’t expecting to clear as much as we did and hadn’t done enough research. However, people weren’t paying attention at times when he was going through tacs. Even if you don’t listen, we really can’t have people shouting over whoever is talking about tacs.
  5. Get 910 ilvl ready for Antorus so you’re able to hold your own weight. If you need a hand doing this, shout up at me and I’ll make an effort to get you there. Practice rotations too, if we’re doing an average of 1 mil dps per person (some will be higher, some lower), we stand a good chance

That’s all, cheers everyone, was a proper good night

(...) #28

More than happy to help boost and gear people up if it helps in the long run, just drop me a line aswell.
If you’ve got any queries about specs/classes since coming back don’t hesitate to drop me a line

(Sam Hather) #29

That’s fine mate, if you want to tank since I wont be about until mid julyish then that’s fine, i’ll just sit out from raiding, no harm!


If raid days remain Fridays then 8pm BST works better, although I do finish work at 7pm so there’s always a possibility I’ll be slightly late. Ross did a fantastic job of doing tacs last night as well as keeping me informed on changes since I’ve been out. So huge thanks to him, during one boss I must admit I wasn’t listening though as I was getting spammed for scrims so had to sort that out.

Outside of Quake times I’ll be trying to get 910 sorted this week, I’m at 896 now so not too far off and when I sort my spec out that should help.

I also apologies for leaving mid way through and as abrupt as I did. As I mentioned it was the Mrs’ last ever day of uni yesterday as she’s finished her lectures for her masters and they all went out, she wasn’t fully drunk but tipsy enough that I wouldn’t have been able to carry on raiding so yea, my apologies again.

(Sam Hather) #31

Left to get laid, RESPECT.

(Dean) #32

If you lads can help out our lord and saviour @Prio by filling this in, it would be lovely.

(Sam Connolly) #33

Raid up for Friday night at 8pm GMT, 9pm CET. Will last till 10pm GMT or 11pm CET. We’ll be doing antorus this week, so make sure you’ve got at least 910 ilvl. If you’re close to that let me know and we’ll see what we can sort

(Sam Hignett) #34

In case anyone needs tactics for Friday.

(DayC) #35

These are the tactics we need

(Sam Hather) #36

How do I @ Hyams

(Matt) #37

Here be gold

(Xenoscythe) #38

Out of interest, is there any particular reason we’re skipping Tomb?

(Sam Connolly) #39

The people I mostly spoke to were interested in Antorus. There’s no reason we can’t go back and do it though :slight_smile:

(Sam Connolly) #40

Finishing Antorus (last 4 bosses, we stopped after Kin’Garoth went down @Snaked) on Tuesday night at 20:00 - 22:00 GMT, that’s 21:00 - 23:00 CET. Going to be stricter on these times this time around as it’s work for people next day.