The Gym and Nutrition Thread

(Gavin Rainey) #1

Who here goes to the gym or exercises somewhere? Interested in going to the gym?

Do you want to increase your pallet? Do you think the food you are eating is not great for you, and want to know what you can do to improve your diet without eating dry brown rice and tuna all day every day?

Post in here with any questions you have, or PM me with any plans/diets you want and I can help you.

Most of you know me and know ive been training for a long time and know a fair bit about it.

(Adam) #2

Been sticking to a routine for about 11 weeks now.
I’ve noticed a small change but not as much as I’d like, mainly because of my diet I think.
Not really sure what I should and shouldn’t be eating.

(Gavin Rainey) #3

Can you give me some detail please mate?

Height weight and your workouts

plus what you are eating, im aware you are a veggie so I will see what I can do to help you out

(Adam) #4

I’m 5’11 and around 10-11 stone, been a while since I weighed myself. My diet’s all over the place at the moment, I eat chicken now and I’ve pretty much cut junk food out, but apart from that I’m not sure what to eat.

-Monday (Day 1)
Upper body Strength training

2-3 sets of Dumbbell chest press of 8-10 reps
2-3 sets Standing Dumbbell bicep curls of 8-10 reps
2-3 sets Pec fly with dumbbells of 8-10 reps
2-3 sets Lateral dumbbell shoulder raise of 8-10 reps
2-3 sets Tricep dips on bench of 8-10 reps

-Tuesday (Day 2)
1 hour cycling

-Wednesday (Day 3)
Strength training lower body

3-4 sets of squats with dumbbells of 10 reps
3-4 sets of lunges with dumbbells of 10-12 reps
3-4 sets of standing calf raises with dumbbells of 8-10 reps

-Thursday (Day 4)
Strength Training Core

4-5 sets of lunge ab twist of 8 reps
4-5 sets of Ab crunch with toe touch of 6 reps
4-5 sets of reverse crunch of 6 reps
3-4 sets of sit ups with dumbbell of 6-8 reps

-Friday (Day 5)
1 hour cycling

(Ben ) #5

I’m planning to hopefully get my self into gear soon. I played ice hockey for 15 years so was in good shape but ive let my self go the past few years. I’m hopefully planning on starting it back up again so I’ve stopped smoking ( 7 weeks now) and going to start gym/diet soon. I wanted to basically get smoking over and done with 1st before starting to do anything else. Its just ive got so used to eating what i want when i want and not thinking about it, it seems daunting to know were to start.

(Dean) #6

Which gym you joining? I’ll be joining one in a few weeks.


is a full body workout (like 3 times a week) really the best way to go for beginners?

I’ve signed up at my local gym, gonna go in tomorrow for the first time, not really a clue how to approach this shit. Like do I do splits or full body, upper/lower and what not. Apparently as a beginner I should go with a full body workout, what do you guys say about that?

(Paul Corkin) #8

Depends how many times a week you can get to your gym, I think it’s more preference than one is better than the other, i do split 3 times a week normally with 30 minutes of cardio most days. SS program is good for beginners.

Check out as well. They have good FAQ, etc down the right hand side.


Right, cheers bro. Didn’t go on in on Saturday (decided to sleep in), but went today. Think I overdid it a bit, was fucking battered after wards, still am lol. Guess that shows how badly I need to exercise.

(Gavin Rainey) #10

Hi Mate,

Natural lifters respond to little and large, little reps, large weight do something like SS or Strong Lifts 5x5 is a good place to start.

With someone of your slim build too you should concentrate on eating to help build you up.


Yeah I’m eating like a mad man, as much as I can. Feeling super sore today, not so much the muscles, but the tendons. Holy shit. Anything I can do about that?
btw this is the program that I decided to go with

oh one other thing, I don’t believe I saw a pullup bar thingy at the gym (which is fucking weird), but what would be a good alternative?

(Gavin Rainey) #12

Lat pulldowns, it is likely you have a lat pulldown machine

That routine looks okay, maybe a bit much for where you are in your training journey. Give it a few weeks to see how to adjust, if you are still sore change to something heavier and less reps.


Right on. That’s actually exactly what I did instead of the pullups. Btw forgot to mention that I also quit smoking (it’s been a week now), not that it matters much, but I feel like it’s been helping a bit with the weight gaining.
Anyhow, cheers for the advice. I’ll give it a rest for now. I’ll report back in a few months ;).

(Adam) #14

Been slacking recently, but as soon as my next student loan comes through I’m getting a new bike and a weight bench and going in hard.

(Gavin Rainey) #15

keep us regularly updated here m8 mroe than a few months

(Paul Corkin) #16

Whats your goal Venom?


My goal is to look good naked :smile: haha. Yeah, no, I just want to change myself from the ground up. I’m also kind of done with gaming (for now at least) so I can/want to dedicate myself to something else.
Besides looking good naked, one real goal of mine is to take part in one of these.

…which is also the main reason I quit smoking :stuck_out_tongue:

(Paul Corkin) #18

Cardio Cardio Cardio if you want to do one of those.

(Erlend Prestmo) #19

Maxed out bench for the first time ever yesterday, been focusing mainly on hypertrophy since I started lifting. Pushed 225 for one.

Currently bulking also, as I’ve been doing for about 12 months straight. Aiming to be 200 pounds this christmas.

(Joe Littleworth) #20

Currently doing a keto diet to really just get to a healthy weight. Started off at like 19 stone (massive) and now down to like 16 6. Doing this exercise plan if anyone has got any advice on where to improve?