The Gym and Nutrition Thread

(Gavin Rainey) #41

Not been to the gym for almost a month, being asthmatic, i got a cold and it went into my chest and wrote me off.

Im moving away from the gym in Warwick, too many batty men, quiffs and vests and tans

back to the endz with bassline and screwfaces

Time to not be fat as fuck

(Paul Corkin) #42

I use beats inear ones i bought few years ago when i need them, although the music they play is fine for me most of the time.

Monster iSport

or these

(Sanchez ) #43

My mate has just created his own batch of supplements , so il probably see what that is saying after i finish my protein .

(Owain) #44

See what what is saying?

I’ve been running most days and doing weights/strength training on the other days for the past month.

Starting to see some nice results already!

(Gavin Rainey) #45

See what its saying means, see how good the products are that he has to offer.

Its an urban colloquialism.

Strength training is best for amateur natties to make hefty gains

(Owain) #46

I see, and what are natties?

(Luka) #47

a natty is someone who isn’t on the juice

(Paul Corkin) #48

n00bGainz! Damaged a nerve in my left arm so stopped lifting heavy past 2 weeks and damn it sucks, also pinky and ring finger are constant numbness :frowning:

(Luka) #49

tfw losing gains because of hayfever

(Paul Corkin) #50

Tomorrow is the start of my cut cycle. HELP! Never really had a successful cut so heres hoping i can last without temptations.

(Gavin Rainey) #51

Do you really need to cut?

Like i havent trained in weeks now and im fat as shit, and was big before anyway so a cut is high for that BF drop.

(Owain) #52

I would also like to cut ^^

(Randal Octagonapus) #53

You really need it mate.

(Owain) #54

I just want my 6 pack to come through :frowning:

(Gavin Rainey) #55

6 pack is just bodyfat percentage

Abs are made in the kitchen

(Erlend Prestmo) #56

I don’t like the general publics focus on abs, it only prevents you from making real gains in the long run.

(Sanchez ) #57

I have some abs (not all) an drink nearly each day , mine and @Easy mates do everything under the sun nearly each day of the week and have the bodies of spartans .

Makes no sense ay

(Scott) #58

How necessary is it to have someone who knows what they are talking about to correct your form while learning to squat, deadlift, bench press etc?

I’ve always been put off from the gym because I hate machines. I was pretty excited when a friend showed me Starting Strength by Mark Rippetoe and I started researching him more. Turns out the best way to start off is to learn the standard compound lifts (squat, bench, deadlift, clean, overhead press) to build strength and don’t use machines/do isolation exercises at all. This appeals to me far, far more. The problem is I’m kinda worried about learning how to do the movements. If I’ve learnt anything it’s that form is so important that you simply cannot get it wrong or you risk hurting yourself and/or making less progress than you should. This is off putting because I only have videos and books to learn form from, nobody there to correct me on the fly.

Like, I’m just trying to learn to squat at the moment. Just a bodyweight squat. It’s really hard, I can’t do it properly without falling over backwards at the minute. I’m not even ready for the empty bar I don’t think. It doesn’t help that I have no sense of what my body is doing in the slightest. I can’t tell if my lower back is rounded or not, or if my knees are pointed outwards enough at the bottom of the squat. Having never paid attention to these things, it’s hard to know what it feels like to be in the right position.  I think I might be too worried about form. but I want to get it right.

(Paul Corkin) #59

It’s pretty important getting the form right from the get go, so many people just wing it starting of and therefore making there form horrible. If you join a gym just grab someone and ask them to have a look at your form, even someone who works there, it’s no big deal. Practicing in front of mirrors too is good.

Squatting is probably the most important one to have form correct, So many people get injuries from not having good form. Me i learned from online, etc then asking the personal trainer at my gym to have a look at it while i was in the gym. All about having the weight on your heels and get down to where your parallel. Think of it like pushing your ass backwards and weight on the heels.

(Scott) #60

I’ve been watching Mark Rippetoe’s videos about form where he teaches it to new people. e.g

That’s the deadlift one, there’s a similar squat one (not on youtube) that is about 30 mins long too and it’s very helpful so far.

The PT I had my induction with at the gym was useless. He was forcing me to point my toes completely forward for squats, which goes against what Mark Rippetoe is saying.

While I’m sure the videos will prove to be helpful, I just wish I could have someone there to correct me because I can’t see my back properly obviously.