The OT Thread of OT

(Adam) #1

Everyone knows what this is. A thread for everything that doesn’t fit into the other threads and for any general discussion.

(Gavin Rainey) #2

Someone just tweeted this, saying they are having a retro party

(Adam) #3

Wonder how much all that stuff would go for on eBay.

(Mark Dornan) #4

I got £240 for a N64 with 14 games and 2 pads about 2004, if that’s anything to go by.

(Randal Octagonapus) #5

Revision is killing me and my mind drifted the other day to (serious question). Do caterpillars know they’re going to become butterflies or do they just build a cocoon and think… what the fuck just happened?

(Matt) #6

I just rode my bike to work. Norwich is a flat area don’t you know.


Tbf in the center of Norwich there’s a castle, and then there are huge hills on either side of it. WHO THE FUCK THOUGHT PUTTING A CASTLE IN A VALLEY WAS A GOOD IDEA. Fucking retards.

(Nick) #7

I doubt caterpillars know they will become butterflies. I’d imagine if you left a human being to grow up alone in the wilderness, they’d have no clue that their balls would drop/tits would grow/hair would turn grey.

Norwich Castle is a royal palace not a defensive structure.


(Van Slab) #8

@Smidsy this is why you’re not going i52 ?

(Anthony) #9

(Mark Dornan) #10

Much cringe, such autism.

(Randal Octagonapus) #11

I think your balls dropping is very different to building a house, going into a coma inside it then waking up with giant colourful wings though?

(Nick) #12

Let it go, Jon, just let it go.

(Randal Octagonapus) #13

I can’t, thinking about caterpillars and butterflies is so much more preferably than the insane amount I need to learn for my exams :frowning:

On the plus side, only need to average 65% over my 4 exams to get a 1st overall… baller alert.

(Ben ) #14

It is indeed! Haha!!

(Gavin Rainey) #15

@freebird and @smidsy will appreci8 that gif

(Adam) #16

(Adam) #17

(Dean) #18

Looks like my attic. Except I have a few consoles they don’t have there!

I really should get them all set-up when I get a new place.

(Ben ) #19

@Easy id have killed some one if that had been me! That gif makes a part of me die inside!

(Rob Thomas) #20

There’s been a serious debate going on within the mumble between Gazza and the rest of us and I feel it would be best to have a wider audience for the type of philosophical questions that are being discussed.

So without further ado, I ask you:

Would you rather do a goat and noone would know, or not do the goat but everyone you know thinks you did?