The OT Thread of OT

(Sam Hather) #2386

Thanks for being proud dad x


One for @Lethal I think…

(Van Slab) #2388

I’m down with the CIS

Спасибо и доброй ночи

(Lethal) #2389

Absolute stunner mate

(DayC) #2390

No Man’s Sky is out on PC tomorrow, anyone else getting it?

(Dean) #2391

@Brew_Drinker the dirty Jew is getting it

(Luke) #2392

I’ve already got it for PS4. Its really good. Looks beautiful too. I imagine it would play even better on PC.

(DayC) #2393

I’m not sure @Brew_Drinker, no pre-load for PC and it’s been pushed to 6pm tonight…

A lot of people are getting the feeling this isn’t finished for PC yet and they’re scrawling the essay hours before the deadline.

(Yan) #2394

Is it as intensely boring as it sounds? I can’t handle another space exploration disappointment, not after Elite Dangerous

(Xenoscythe) #2395

(DayC) #2396

Space exploration is what it is mate, if you didn’t like any aspects of Elite I doubt this’ll be for you.

(Gazza) #2397

i find you can do more in elite than you can in no mans sky although i do like how the planets have more to them than elite. I find elite huge as it is but no mans sky which is suppose to be a lot bigger just seems too much imo.

(Luke) #2398

It wouldnt surprise me ,they should have released the console and PC version simultaneously.
It good though, got alien tits in it… init.

(Gavin Rainey) #2399

:kappa: :kreygasm: Twitch emotes in 2016



(Xenoscythe) #2400

I made this
No.1 TeqR fan.

(DayC) #2401

Congratulations @Xenoscythe!

(Sam Hather) #2402

@Easy next order i’m buying xeno’s kid a jersey x

(Gavin Rainey) #2403

I said I would like 6 months ago :D, don’t worry

(Xenoscythe) #2404


(Gavin Rainey) #2405

Got a name for the wee man?