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My Mantra

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fadam james

(Dean) #2428

Come on @Nyu, show Sam up. You can do it, I believe in you.

(Sam Hather) #2429

So Starcraft is actually dead now, R.I.P Korean Pro League.

Time for Halo Wars 2 to be hugeeeeeeeeeee ey @Lethal

(Lethal) #2430

@smather Tweeted that this morning, couldn’t believe it after 11 years. Seems like a lot of the pros are slowly heading back to BW.

HW2 has been confirmed for big open events by one of the directors.

(Sam Hather) #2431

Yeah, it’s mental that SKT/Samsung etc. All disbanded. Really is the end of an era.

and yeah i saw that, opens is the only way to go.


trying to bring myself to learn linux and I hate it :frowning: …nothing works out of the box, so frustrating

how did you guys do it?

(Lethal) #2433

The only events left standing now is WCS and DH events for SC2. Korea is still huge for BW events which I’d love to watch in the mornings.

(Sam Connolly) #2434

Start with Ubuntu, it’s got a lot of preinstalled things already and has the most support in terms of people asking questions on forums. If you get stuck on a specific problem then shout up, might be able to help

(Gavin Rainey) #2435


All my own servers are on open source operating systems.

Mint, Ubuntu, CentOS are all good starting points.


Used CentOS for all my uni stuff, couldn’t fault it at all.

(Sam Hather) #2437

I just use Windows because I’m a moonbeam

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(Lethal) #2439

The man who encouraged me to place meatspin on everyones PC, RIP

(Anthony) #2440

Whatever linux you end up on, get a tiling window manager, I miss using xmonad.


I installed Mint, but so far I couldn’t even get MS Silverlight (or it’s equivalent) to work, though admittedly I didn’t try very hard yet. It’s just too damn frustrating, feeling handicapped. How can you go from being able to pretty much do whatever you want back to square one. It’s driving me mad. For better or worse, shit has to happen though. I’ll probs keep bugging you guys about it ('cause I love you guys) :wink:

@An7 @Easy @Bagelzend

(Sam Connolly) #2442

I’ve not used anything like ms silver light or mint, now my first port of call would be installing it through Wine, wine basically let’s you run windows programs on Linux based OS’s, I had success with it on Ubuntu many years ago, however that’s a work around and wine is a little slow. I’d have to look into how to install silverlight on mint to give you a proper answer and that might take me a few days sorry :stuck_out_tongue:


Appreciate it, but please don’t waste your time on me, I’m sure I’ll manage. I suppose the struggle has to happen.

(Sam Connolly) #2444

Have you tried pipelight? It’s just an alternative to Silverlight listed here: if you just wanted it for viewing Netflix vids it’ll probably do the job


thanks, yeah I’ll have a go at it on the weekend hopefully