The OT Thread of OT

(Sam Hather) #2446

This re-surfaced on Reddit today. Still so fucking funny.

(Sam Hather) #2447

This was a recommendation for us all from Oli

(Dean) #2448

He said he read this on buzzfeed. That isn’t Buzzfeed at all.

(Lethal) #2449

Think I’m going to have to write my own version since that guy clearly doesn’t understand how to shag men

(Gavin Rainey) #2450

@Noodle I took a religion test

(Dean) #2451

Clearly a shit test, you love money.

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(Adam) #2453


(Scott) #2454

Look what I got today :grinning:

(Adam Harwood) #2455

Ooooo that’s nice. I was contemplating the other weekend about getting a new guitar. Treat myself for Xmas. But I haven’t played for so long and the 3 guitars I do have, sit in my room collecting dust.

I purchased Rocksmith on Steam and all the attachments early last year hoping to find my passion for guitar again but although a spark was there, it wasn’t strong enough to start the fire again. Maybe it’s because I was using my old, beat-up, needs some TLC, Pacifica or my fake Telecaster, that the pick-ups fall out of and it crackles/buzzes/loses the will to transmit because the Jack is loose.

I think I just talked myself into buying a new one… :confused:

(Scott) #2456

You can get a seriously good guitar for little money these days. This Jackson is a late 90s Japanese one so build quality is as good as you’ll get anywhere with an official floyd rose installed - only £330 or so. Sell your crap ones for £50 each and you’ve already paid for half a top quality one.

(Sam Hather) #2457

Spring LAN game:

(Sam Connolly) #2458

Jackson’s are beautiful to play in general as well, think you’ve got yourself a bargain there :smiley:

(Gavin Rainey) #2459

(DayC) #2460

Trump seems like a good guy, quality leadership material.

(Adam) #2461

All hail God Emperor Trump

(Gavin Rainey) #2462

Youtube knows me

@Noodle @Rod

(Sam Hather) #2463

R.I.P Leonard Cohen :frowning:

(Lewis) #2464

(Sam Hather) #2465

15 years since the Xbox came out… fucking ace that original console.

I’ll never forget my first PGR & Halo 2 LANs as a kid and that.

Blinx the timesweeper was my boy too