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(Rob Thomas) #2466

The bit at 4:20… holy shit I’m dying.


What is even going on right now with Assange, WL, …and this fucking Pizzagate. I feel like I’m tripping.

(Sam Hather) #2468

Just looked up Pizzagate… holy hell wtf.

@Smidsy you’re gonna love this shit hahaha

(Adam Harwood) #2469

Wow I just looked up Pizzagate. Reddit has its own subreddit about it (/r/pizzagate) and one of the links on there is to /pol/ (a board on 4chan for people out of the loop) saying they have cracked a code which could potentially be a lead to Maddie McCann.

(Gazza) #2470

lol good old conspiracy theories

(Lewis) #2471

Watch pedo podesta squirm when confronted by a real journalist:


I don’t know what to think about any of this anymore. I’m just confused. :confused:

(Gavin Rainey) #2473

Key words here are ABSOLUTELY “Real Journalist”

Whenever someone who really looks into what happens, to ask appropriate questions, the evil cannot hide.

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(Lewis) #2475

I also highly recommend listening to my friend, Ken O’Keefe. Tells it like it is and destroys these puppets on live air:

@Venom It’s looking like Hilary Clinton and the gang are trafficking children from Haiti to Washington and raping them at these pizza joints. Perhaps, at worst, murdering and sacrificing them too. Chances are it’s a global interconnected pedo ring involving those in the highest positions of power. The reason Jimmy Savile wasn’t out until AFTER he died is because he would have brought down the entire establishment down with him. When the truth of this all comes out, these people will be lucky to be hanging from lamp posts.

(Gazza) #2476

if you know about it then the truth is already out? and nothing is happening? so maybe its all bullshit

also lol

(Lewis) #2477

It’s still being investigated. Have you actually done any research/investigation yourself, or do you just parrot the ‘conspiracy theorist’ line anytime you hear of government corruption?

Hillary Clinton’s gang hangs out with a man who posts child porn on his Instagram account. John Podesta, Clinton’s chairman, lists one of his favorite artists as someone who draws pictures of tortured and semi-naked children. Podesta, the weasel posted in one of the above videos, has sent numerous emails using codewords relating to paedophilia (revealed by wikileaks). These are just three facts – not theories – related to this case, and there are many, many more.

Then there’s Bill Clinton. A man who has been accused of rape by multiple women having to settle a court case in a payout to an accuser. A man who regularly schmoozes with the convicted pedophile billionaire Jeffrey Epstein on the infamous ‘sex slave island’, and a man who has been caught ‘grabbing a woman by the pussy’ on a plane.

Hillary Clinton also admitted in an email (revealed via wikileaks) that she was planning to overthrow Bashar Assad by funding the rebels (ISIS) to ensure Israel’s safety. This is not a theory, it is a fact.

Tell me more about ‘conspiracy theories’.

(Gazza) #2478

its aliens

(-.---.) #2479

As far as I’ve looked, it seems to be pretty cryptic connections with no ‘smoking gun’. Let’s see if anything else comes to light.

(Adam Harwood) #2480

This is a picture from the Maddie thread. They are the e-fits of the people the police were looking for in connection with her disappearance. The two people below that are John and his brother Tony Podesta. Now draw your own conclusions for the similarities? Is it just highly coincidental that two people (who are brothers) are now being linked with this massive pedo ring are really good fits for them e-fits?

I think this could explode.

(Lewis) #2481

The Maddy shit is insane. Podesta also deleted all of his emails the day before Maddy was announced missing, and is known to visit Portugal. I also find it alarming that Maddy’s parents visited paedophile Clement Freud, grandson of Sigmund Freud, at his $1 million mansion located near when she went missing in Portugal.

The rabbit hole just gets deeper and deeper. Now, if someone can find out whether the Podesta’s were in Portugal around the dates she went missing, the investigation should be reopened. The sketch of Tony Podesta even has the same mole located above his eyebrow.

Watch out, though, Obama and Merkel are trying to shut down the internet -

“Digitization is a disruptive force, a disruptive technological force that brings about deep-seated change, transformation of a society,” Merkel added.

(Gazza) #2482

rip my internet never gettin gold on league now

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I admire your commitment sir, after all these years… we might have to write a letter to Riot, asking for them to present you with an honorary gold border or a lifetime achievement award or something