The OT Thread of OT

(Dean) #2507

TIL - Clan Base died 3 years ago today.

(Sam Hather) #2508

RIP my good friend

(Xenoscythe) #2509

wat? feels like 10

(C**t ) #2510

(Adam Harwood) #2511

Watch this pro in action.

(Sam Hather) #2512

Didn’t bring my usb-c to usb cable with me to Halifax since I wasn’t bringing my PC back… of course my phone is now stuck in a boot loop that i can’t sort without that cable ffs.

Okay… nvm apparently they dun fucked up

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(Lethal) #2515

It’s my dad nice

(Lewis) #2516

Got absolutely trashed on New Year’s…

(Sam Connolly) #2517

Bought my i60 ticket with EAS, I’m a student peasant so I’m indoor camping this LAN, but at least I’ll be there this time!

(Sam Hather) #2518

Yes boyo


Here’s the trick Sam, wait til student finance give you your money, then leave uni. I did it now I’m flush 2.3k, who needs an education when you’re rolling in the extremely temporary benjamins?

(Dean) #2520

I wish @Smidsy was extremely temporary

(Adam Harwood) #2521

Prio, you should of said, I have a hotel room booked for myself.

(Lewis) #2522

Article on Ronda Rousey’s spectacular downfall:

(Sam Connolly) #2523

Holy shit I just did the worst interview of my entire life.

It was a Skype one so its already a little bit weird as I’ve not done one before, so treated it like a phone interview, got over that awkward part pretty quick.

First question “Can you tell me about the role you applied for” my response was “I’m really sorry but I applied to 3 and the conformation email doesn’t actually pinpoint a specific role which I’m interviewing for.” Sound, find out what role it is I’m interviewing for, of course its the area of the company which I’ve done least research on and am least interested in. Then he says “I must admit I’m surprised you’ve applied to this side of the company and not the graphics side”, I was dying to say " Honestly mate, so am I. Pretty sure I’ve clicked apply on the wrong role".
Anyway he decides to swap out the cointerviewer for one on the graphics side of the company. Go over a load of technical questions and some of my testing methodologies, absolutely boomin at this point all going sound, then the technical solutions come in to play, had to use team viewer and code for them on their laptops, and I wanted to cry. I haven’t done bitwise in two years, and the first question is write a function to tell us how many bits are set in a number. They kept having to input to actually guide me in how to complete it. Then the next question went pretty good. Then we come across the next, recursion and the Fibonacci sequence, done this a hundred times over, yet with nerves my brain just wasn’t working. 2 hours for a Skype interview, and every last minute was absolutely brutal.

About 95% certain I’ve just ballsed up the interview to the only job I’ve applied to which I was actually really interested in, going good boys, love me some grad job hunting

(Gavin Rainey) #2524

Dw about it mate

I applied to work at a company I worked at before, I dont think im going to get in despite being able to do the job well and give a lot to them. No idea why either but its life, it means it isn’t the job you are supposed to go into.

(Sam Connolly) #2525

I like that, it’s a good outlook on the career side of life.

Best of luck with the job app anyway, no point speculating why you wouldn’t get in until you actually know that you aren’t getting back in.

My plan now is to start working on bitwise operations in C++, because this has caught me out on two or three tests now, it seems to be a common question even if it isn’t commonly used.

(Gavin Rainey) #2526

We use a nice bitmask operator in an inhouse SQL tool we have if u wanna talk about its use I can hook you up.