The OT Thread of OT

(Sam Connolly) #2527

That might be really cool actually, I’ve not done much SQL at all, but it might still be interesting to look at and at the very least help me understand practical uses of bitwise operations


Job hunting today lads, wish me luck

(DayC) #2529

@Prio that sounds brutal lad. Just pick yourself up, dust off and go again. Good luck bro.

(Sam Connolly) #2530

I just had a response about the previously mentioned skype interview, they declined me for the role that I was actually interviewing for (the one I wasn’t actually too interested in).

However, they’ve progressed me for the role I actually did prep for, so CV has to get reviewed again, however with any luck I may get another crack at that brutal Skype interview, at least I might actually be half decent at it this time if I know what role I’m actually going in for :stuck_out_tongue:

(Adam) #2531

Had a real rough night last night thinking about Matt, would’ve been his 24th birthday. Just wanted to say I think it’s fucking awesome what you guys are doing with TeqR eSports and the success you’re having. Real happy to see his name being carried on. <3

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(DayC) #2535

SCG Richmond Open day 2 on right now. If you like high levels of autism then you’ll love Magic!


idk if there’s just a general/console games thread so I guess I’ll post here. If anyone likes the Soulsborne series, and has a PS4, you should definitely consider picking up Nioh, just got it yesterday and it’s great fun, very much like Demon’s Souls meets Bloodborne, it has the atmosphere of Demon’s, but it feels like BB, plus a lot of campy Japanese historic-fantasy. Though it definitely feels more like if FROMsoft had gone down a defensive route with BB, in that game you’re trying to be as aggressive as possible, in Nioh it emphasises a lot more patience.

(Lewis) #2537

(Sam Hather) #2538

Finally got round to upgrading my switch

(Lethal) #2539

Christ that connection is bigger than my dad’s. Think I’m only on 160mb/13mb.

(Peter Woodberry) #2540

So today is my last day of having afternoons off during the week, from tomorrow I’m gonna be Mon-Fri 9-5:30 :open_mouth:

At least I can spend that last afternoon watching Katowice!

(Sam Hather) #2541

Where have you moved to mate?

(Peter Woodberry) #2542

Gonna be doing Wed Administration for a company called ProSwimwear Ltd.

They’re an online retailer for high end swimming suits and gear, mainly aimed at competitors.

(Sam Hather) #2543

@catalystc “the guy in that video is just @Bagelzend stepping everywhere”

(Xenoscythe) #2544

this is best. Lets you choose what apps sounds come out of what. So many fucking games and apps dont let you choose.

(Sam Hather) #2545

Nice, I’ve got some program that lets me select my audio device using shortcuts… Will be adding this to the collection!

(Gavin Rainey) #2546

@Roozle want to go see power rangers m8?

we wont look like an autistic gay couple