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Yeah done my fair share of grad software interviews earlier this year.

As smath said, make sure you have the job spec open, but make sure you aren’t typing owt during the interview, they’ll hear it over the phone, so don’t google shit

Things I’d say you need to know about the company:

  • Current products they’re working on
  • How and when they started (if you can find it, usually on the about section of a webpage)
  • Their future plan, are they taking on more AI projects? If so they’re probably looking to expand into AI.
  • If they have ‘values’, learn them and relate yourself to each and every point. both IBM and BT did this for me, they’ve got skills, strengths, values or some buzzword like that, it’s almost always found on the website somewhere, and it’s their core principles surrounding the company, it’s almost always a bollocks way for HR to dictate if you’ll be a good fit for the company or not, but if they have a list of values, have a list of your own of a time you’ve demonstrated you are competent at one of those values.

I can’t advise enough that you take @smather up on his offering of a grilling, this is where you’re really going to see where you’re going to choke / if you’ve done enough prep.

That’s probably enough to get you by the interview if it’s not a technical one. If it’s a technical one, you need to learn:

  • Development lifecycles and agile methodologies, and how much you love them no matter what your feelings towards them are
  • If you’re doing C++ learn how memory is allocated on the stack, heap or in static memory, if you’re doing Java then be able to talk about the JVM and JIT compiler.
  • Learn object orientation principles, encapsulation and all that bollocks
  • Go through their job description, nit pick out every single technical requirement they want from a developer, and be able to talk about it.


Thanks for the suggestions, @Prio! You mentioned a couple of things that I didn’t think of so I’ll make sure to go over them.

If you’re free at some point on Sunday, @smather, that’d be really helpful!

Thanks for both your help, I really appreciate it :slight_smile:

(Sam Hather) #2569

Yeah I should be mate, just give us a message.

I’ll get @Prio to give me some questions to ask you :slight_smile:

(Dean) #2570

Make it a video call and get naked to show your dominance.

(Xenoscythe) #2571


guys, can someone help me out…

I reinstalled Steam after a HDD failure and for some reason now it’s acting up. For starters I can’t load in the browser, even though it says the site isn’t down. Downloaded the installer from a different site. Updated normaly, loged in, downloading a game, all works but the store won’t load in the client either :confused: help?

my only idea right now is, I edited the host file while installing Adobe products, could this somehow fuck with Steam?

(Gavin Rainey) #2573

yes, it is a network error by the looks of what you have said here

(Xenoscythe) #2574

Could be your dns shitting itself. I’d recommend switching to the google dns servers:

windows 10:

Hit the windows key : type in network and select

click that then click the connection name, could be wifi or ethernet, doesnt matter eg:

click properties

select ip4 then click properties

if it looks like this:

change it to this (uses googles DNS servers instead) and hit okay:

if this breaks everything just change it back to automatic and call me names, but i reckon it should sort it.

May need to reboot but shouldn’t need too


@Xenoscythe brilliant post, thanks.

legit sent me on a mini network adventure :joy: , went to check the DNS, oddly enough it was custom, figured out it was the VPN leak protection stuff, changed it to Google Public DNS, went into the router to check but it uses some other DNS :brokeback: lol

all works though, so I don’t care too much for now

(Xenoscythe) #2576

Not a problem bud, glad its resolved!

In other news, someone send me air con unit please.

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£140 for Ibis Budget this time for LAN… fml

(Adam Harwood) #2578

For a room or pp? It cost me £276 in April for the Ibis budget.

(Sam Hather) #2579

Pp :frowning: I’m not coming anymore I’m gonna go Bolton food Fest and see Ainsley Harriot instead

(Sam Connolly) #2580

Bolton food fest is belter mate, been in the past and it’s a solid 7/10, think al ainsley will probably take it up to a 9. The biggest problem is that it’s in Bolton

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Fuckin give him a handy for me, his cous cous is my life.

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Act like you belong and all that jazz

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Well worth a watch for anyone into esports.