The OT Thread of OT

(Adam) #21

This reminds me of the kind of things me, @Feign, Lonex and Hellspunk used to discuss.

(Rob Thomas) #22

I’d like to think these questions have a bit more meaning behind them.

(Dean) #23

Smash the goat and have everyone know.

(Nick) #24

Picked up a towel today as a got out the shower. Went to dry my face. Fully grown house spider 1cm from my nose. Drop towel.

Mucho adrenalino señorino.

(Adam) #25

Whole load of nope.

(Webb) #26

Do a goat and no one would know, personally.

(Adam) #27

So after playing some more Epigenesis I’ve decided it’s quite fun. Might be wort getting while it’s cheap.

(Matt) #28

That’s the kind of can do attitude we need around here.

(Nick) #29

Found a spider egg on the fucking towel. Never leaving my towels in a mess again.

(Matt) #30

don’t worry friend, it might turn into this

erm… wait I don’t think that’d be great either

(Adam) #31

Dat waifu

(Gavin Rainey) #32

Just won me a slab for an ace, easy stay fucking easy @WoodchucK

(Mark Dornan) #33

(Matt) #34

Got a hold of Harry’s phone and found this.

(Blake) #35

Dad’s gay

(Gavin Rainey) #36

(Matt) #37


(Gavin Rainey) #38

(Rob Thomas) #39

I’d just like to thank SteelSeries Engine for nearly destroying my computer.

(Adam) #40