Timewalking Event: Ulduar

(Sam Connolly) #1

Hi all,

So there’s a raid scheduled in the guild calendar for Sat 26th May at 19:30. We’re gonna tackle Ulduar 10 man. If by some miracle a whole bunch of people are looking at coming back to the game and signing up, we’ll take a look at 25 man, but that’s beyond unlikely.

@Noodle claims he and @Roozle know all the strats and is confident we’ll down all 16 bosses, from what I remember this raid is massive. So learn strats for first 6 bosses, if you have the time learn the rest but I fully understand if we don’t, good job we have a couple experts on hand.

This video seems like a good place to start.

Please sign up on the guild calendar or I will assume you are not coming.

Can you please write your character name, primary spec, off spec and roles in the comments here if you intend on coming. I’ll have a word with anyone tomorrow who hasn’t done so to find out what they play.

Finally, if there’s a people who can’t make it and would like to, please list your character name at the bottom, and propose alternative dates / dates you can’t make. If there’s enough and we’re lacking numbers, we’ll reschedule.

(Dean) #2

Time walking is flex, so any number from 10-30 can play. If you have a level 81 or higher you can join in, so all get involved!

(Liam Dakin) #3


Seriously though, me and @Noodle have enough trouble keeping ourselves alive, your mileage may vary

Seriously seriously though, can’t wait for Saturday

(DayC) #4

Well up for this @Roozle bring the kebabs like the old days.

(Gavin Rainey) #5

I know I don’t play but I love seeing discord popping off with you all in.

(Liam Dakin) #6

Off kebabs mate aren’t I! New Man! Probably cook a steak and chop it up on a gluten free Naan just for old times sake

I was gonna spend Saturday car shopping but now i need to watch the tactics vids

…Just kidding, can’t even have Gluten free Naans ;_;

(Dean) #7

Surely you’ve nearly done with that no fun diet.

Also we have our third healer for Saturday @smather

(Sam Hather) #8

I super thought this was scheduled for Sunday so have made plans… attempting to cancel them currently though so here’s hoping I can carry us to completion xoxo

wait @Noodle are you implying oli is coming?

(Dean) #9

Oli says he is coming. He’s back from Swaziland now and said he would come heal.

(Sam Hignett) #10

Thanks for the raids Lads. We might not have vanquished Yog, but it was fun as fuck for me. Can’t wait for future raids with you bastards. As long as there aren’t any trains for Tuto.

(Sam Connolly) #11

Going to try and down yog on Sunday at about 8:30pm. Not 100% certain if I’ll make it myself, if i’m not online just go without. I believe :smiley:

(Dean) #12

Let’s make sure we get a proper role play screenshot after the kill

(Matt) #13

My feelings

(Sam Connolly) #14

Got the day on the calendar wrong. Just to confirm, we are doing this tonight, Sunday 27th May (providing enough turn up). Pushed it back to 9pm too, as this shouldn’t be a mega late one, we only have one boss.

(Sam Hather) #15

@Bagelzend when u getting back on the hype train?


Get paid on the 1st so will get a sub then, legit got fuck all until then haha

(Dean) #17

Maximum role play achieved. Top run all, looking forward to more in the future.

(Matt) #18

I can’t believe I’ve been Mike wazowski’d by hyams

(Dean) #19

You’ve set yourself up for so many jokes there, I can’t bring myself to do it.

(Sam Hather) #20