What Are You Currently Listening To Thread

(Xenoscythe) #361

I always forget how much i absolutely love a perfect circle. Such a well rounded band.

(Dean) #362

You’re a prick

(Xenoscythe) #363


(Sam Hather) #364

Seems good so far…

(Rob Thomas) #365

Pretty much how I reacted to the album:

(Adam) #366

(Sam Hather) #367

Off the new Guardians of the Galaxy soundtrack… Classic GH song

(Sam Hather) #368

Mother Russia

(Sam Connolly) #369

(Sam Hather) #370

Forgot about this track, blew my face off in Fabric a couple of years ago

(Sam Hather) #371

Decent set this

(Ben ) #372

Yeah watched it the day it came out. He is the dj I relate to the most. Very similar to my style quick firing dnb tunes from all of the spectrum. Bad boy set

(Sam Hather) #373

Chyeeeeeaeh Mat Zo back making some DnB

can’t wait for non shit youtube version - Noisia played this live and was class

(Adam Harwood) #374

This is just noise to me.

(Sam Hather) #375

Give this a go https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=psgsr2SKnPQ

(Gavin Rainey) #376

Try this mate, bit more mellow, more of a jungle feel and tells a story

(Sam Hather) #377

As gav mentions @ShipWr3ck a load of old Hospital Records DnB is good to break you into it

Once you begin to understand the complexity of the arrangements and sound design within drum and bass it’s so much easier to appreciate the heavier stuff.

(Ben ) #378

Then after all that just while the fuck out to this riddim!

(Adam Harwood) #379

When I was back at 6th form (10 years ago now!) I used to attend all the hall parties and field parties that were being hosted, where we had the massive stacks and rigs where this sort of music was played. I was quite on board with it all back then (might of been the girls and alcohol as well…) but I feel like I have grown out of appreciating that music scene. None of this is doing anything for me now and the more I try to listen to it, the more I feel it’s forced and want to turn it off. :frowning:

Sorry guys.

(Xenoscythe) #380

Sounds like you need some real music,